All accordions are covered (depending on manufacturer) by a 24 or 36 months warranty which is limited to the repair of defects proved to be caused by an incorrect manufacturing process or defective materials, except tuning and reeds operation, which is covered by warranty for 60 days from delivery.
Defects or damages caused by transportation, mishandling, improper operation, exposure in critic environments, wear and any other cause not related to the manufacturing process are not covered by warranty.
Any repair operation on items under warranty must be previously authorized by Akordion Centrum OÜ.
In exploitation the following suggestions are to be taken into consideration: The instrument should be fixed during the transportation.  We suggest the case carried with cover against you to avoid it opening accidentally. The state of the straps and case should be verified regularly to avoid the possible injuries caused by broken straps or case. Avoid the defeats and crushes. Transportation other objects in case with the accordion can damage the instrument. Avoid the instrument left in the vehicle in extremely high or low temperature conditions. In high minuses the instrument should transported inside the salon of the vehicle. It is suggested to let the instrument get used with the inside temperature before the exploitation. In case of the longer transportation in extreme minuses it is suggested not to use instrument before 24h passed.
The following suggestions should be taken into the consideration inserting an instrument into its case: the right side is better to insert before the left. Contrary is taking the instrument out of the case – left side before the right. The accordion’s normal storage position - vertical, on the 4 leggies on the left side. Horizontal position can cause to stop the valves working as needed. (Especially involves the older instruments without cassotto.)
The instruments should be stored in constant temperature with humidity between 50-60%. Avoid using the instrument under the direct sunlight and the temperatures below 10°C and above 25°C.
Dragging the bellows with improper force can damage the reeds or broke the tuning; dragging the bellows open more than normal can break the bellows corners.